Practical Training

Apprenticeships / Practical Training

With many people either out of work or not in education the apprenticeship has been designed to give students a real life experience of how a Football Clubs work. The apprenticeship will develop their functional skills as well as developing them as a coach for further employment or education.

Apprentices on the Level 2 Futsal Apprenticeship Programmes have the opportunity to work alongside a Football Club coach 2 days a week for 24 weeks. The programme will consist of five different areas.

These are:

  • Activity leadership NVQ / Award in Increasing participation
  • Functional Skills Maths – Based around Futsal and Sport
  • Functional Skills English – Based Around Futsal and Sport
  • Practical training – Football Club led
  • Community Coaching – Your opportunity to be mentored coaching alongside a qualified coach

The training and guidance you will receive from the Football Club is designed to replicate the environment of a young professional sports coach, and includes: technical and tactical development, health and safety, developing yours and others practice, setting up, leading and concluding sessions.

Once you have completed the 24 weeks course your Football Club along with other partners will support you in making your next decision, whether this is further education or employment opportunities.