Apprenticehips / Extras

Club Opportunities

Over the 24 weeks pre-apprentices will complete various different units which develop them as a coach and as a player. The support comes from the Football Club which assigns a coach/mentor to each pre-apprentice. This support helps guide the apprentice through the duration of the course.

Each apprentice represents the
club in the local community firstly working alongside a qualified coach, then moving onto planning, leading and reviewing sessions, whilst being mentored and observed. Training is designed to develop the apprentice’s interaction skills with others and give them the knowledge and understanding of everything that is required within the coaching department at a professional football club.

The pre-apprentice is seen as a club employee, so will be expected to work and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Being part of the club comes with various benefits, possibly including tickets for first team fixtures and club coaching kit.

Recycling of knowledge in the community

As part of our innovative Recycling of Knowledge programme, all access apprentices are expected to pass on what they have learned to the next generation of young players. Access apprentices work alongside other coaches in various environments, some of which are listed below:

  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Pre schools
  • After school clubs
  • Half term and holiday courses
  • Social inclusion projects